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Chogyam Trungpa on The Jimmy Fallon Show

Chogyam Trungpa was committed to bringing the power of Tibetan Buddhism to the West.  28 years after his untimely death, he appears on The Jimmy Fallon Show.


Chogyam Trungpa, the brilliant ‘bad boy of Buddhism,’ fled the invasion of Tibet, studied at Oxford, and shattered Westerners’ notions of how an enlightened teacher should behave.






Feeling Existential?  Watch "Crazy Wisdom," "Being in the World" and "Free the Mind" plus many others during Alive Mind Cinema's May Online Festival. Go here to learn more: alivemindcinema.com/festival/


It's been a fine year for CRAZY WISDOM all over the world.  We're grateful to hear that people are downloading from our distributors Kino Lorber - Alive Mind and expressing a real connection to Chogyam Trungpa!  Please note the new link which will take you straight to our Final DVD with EXTRAS.   


The Extras include moments shared with our filmmaking team about how CRAZY WISDOM affected their lives and more first-hand stories about and by the inimitable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.   


And for our friends who’ve been emailing from all over the world, asking how CRAZY WISDOM can come to their country, ALIVE MIND CINEMA has made CRAZY WISDOM available for download worldwide!!


Click here to buy the DVD (Ships in US and Canada only)

Click here to Download CRAZY WISDOM (Worldwide)

Click here to buy the poster (Ships in US only)


Shocking and sad news from Tibet:  Akong Rinpoche, the man who escaped from Tibet with Chogyam Trungpa on that perilous, freezing trek to India, and told the story for the film, has been killed.  A nephew and assistant were also "assassinated" as reported in the news. He was traveling there to oversee the monasteries and nunneries supported by his center in England. We hold them in our meditation and send his family our deepest sympathy.  


Johanna Demetrakas, Producer/Director

Lisa Leeman, Producer

Jenny Cho Associate Producer





All inquiries for community screenings / exhibition / PPR in the United States and Canada should be forwarded to Alive Mind Cinema, our distributor.  


Anywhere else from around the world, please write us at crazywisdomfilm@aol.com.



Non-Theatrical Sales and Marketing Manager

Kino Lorber

333 West 39th Street, Suite 503

New York, NY 10018

(t) 212.629.6880

(f) 212-714-0871








Silent River Film Festival, Irving, CA:  October 2013


ROXIE THEATER:  July 13-15, 2012

3117 16th Street, San Francisco



BERKELEY SCREENINGS: July 20-26, 2012 

Elmwood Theater

2966 College Ave. at Ashby

Berkeley, CA 94705 


NYC SCREENINGS  - Nov. 2011 and Apr. 2012

Rubin Museum of Art in New York City - Special guest former Trungpa student Jean-Claude van Itallie.  



Crazy Wisdom returned to the Boedecker Theater for sold-out screenings in Boulder, Colorado!  Many thanks to our Boulder friends for their support.



We screened for three weeks at the Santa Monica Laemmle 4-Plex Theater in Santa Monica from December 9 to 24!  The film expanded to three theaters - Laemmle 4-Plex, Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena and Laemmle Claremont 5.  Many thanks to Laemmle Theaters for their support! 


SNEAK PREVIEW!  Coolidge Corner Theatre - Nov. 21

Johanna attended a screening at the historic Coolidge Theater in Brookline, Massachusetts!

Eileen Fisher Headquarters - Nov. 18 

The Westchester Buddhist Center sponsored a successful screening at Eileen Fisher Headquarters at 2 Bridge Street, Irvington, NY. Both Johanna Demetrakas and Eileen Fisher attended! 


Vancouver International Film Festival - Oct. 8, 9, 12 

Three days of screenings at VIFF!  Johanna attended the October 8 and 9 screenings.  


Maui International Film Festival - June 19

We SOLD OUT to a crowd of 300+ who "gave a resounding ovation at the conclusion of the film."  Watch the touching introduction by Ram Dass here.


Buddhafest - June 17

At Buddhafest, a small but extraodinary festival that brings together various Buddhist communities as well as meditators of all kinds, we screened to a SOLD OUT crowd of 375 in Washington, D.C.!  Johanna did a lively Q&A. Buddhafest is sponsored by Tricycle Magazine (the oldest national Buddhist magazine) and Insight Meditation. 


Museum of Tolerance - June 13

Our first public screening in Los Angeles SOLD OUT the 300 seat Peltz Theater at the prestigious Museum of Tolerance.  It was an exciting launch for our film in the Los Angeles area.


Encore "Best of Fest" screening in Santa Barbara
Sunday, Feb. 13, 11am

After three packed screenings, we were chosen for "Best of Fest" at Riviera Theater.  Director Johanna Demetrakas & producer Lisa Leeman attended a Q&A. SBIFF Website

Boulder Film Festival on Friday, Feb. 18, 2:30pm
We SOLD OUT our screening at the First United Methodist Church!  Boulder was Trungpa's headquarters for most of his time in America. Due to popular demand, the festival added a second screening for us.  BIFF Website

For all info on screenings, visit our Screenings page.